SIMONA 2012, a new trade show concept

SIMONA AG is a manufacturer of thermoplastic products with worldwide manufacturing and distribution locations. The company has the right to become the world’s leading market leader for safety-critical and environmental applications. Totems has developed a new show concept for the exhibition of SIMONA 2012, which represents further development of corporate communications, which started off at the K-2010 fair (international fair for plastics and rubber) in Germany. The idea and theme was developed by Totems; “Opening up the world of SIMONA”. It will give visitors the opportunity to take a look into the company and discover the great know-how of SIMONA and the many advantages and applications of the products.

The facade of the booth presented the company with its clear corporate colors white and red.

The three-dimensional, about three meter high “S” on the front line of the SIMONA booth, is reflected as a warm-white illuminated “S”. The other letters of the company name moved together fixed to columns coming out of the back wall and opened up the world of SIMONA. All letters are made of SIMONA material and are illuminated from behind, so that there is an additional layering.

The staggered arrangement of the columns creates a warm and colorful room that represents the diversity of SIMONA. The visitor enters this world and leaves the everyday show. He is entering a bright and warm atmosphere and finds a lounge with a deep-pile red carpet and exclusive furniture. Thus, an informative and friendly atmosphere is provided, which corresponds completely to the group thinking. Both the back wall of the stand as well as the rear of the columns gave information about the company and its products.

The inside of the SIMONA stand is adjusted for any new exhibitions; the overall appearance will be identical on each fair. To the outside, SIMONA has always the same face, but behind the facade a diverse and vast knowledge is hidden in the field of thermoplastics.

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